🔥 Winning BLACKJACK Game So I Upped My Bets and Guess What???

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Side bets anyone? JV buys in with 1k and plays Blackjack (Black jack) at the Boulder Station casino in Las Vegas. He tries some side bets in this game and has a good return. Blackjack rules: Double deck Blackjack, dealer hits on soft 17 and no surrender allowed. Bets are $50 – $200. Practice your card counting by watching our Blackjack youtube videos!

NOTE: Vegas Gamblers play with real money at a real casino. Filmed on location with casino’s permission. We are NOT sponsored by any casino and we play with our own money. All wins and losses are REAL.

Super cool Jackpot Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC1cIBw79UI&list=PLADmR8-pCjamLMoZRI53Yj2zhjehSsHO6

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🔥 Winning BLACKJACK Game So I Upped My Bets and Guess What???

10 thoughts on “🔥 Winning BLACKJACK Game So I Upped My Bets and Guess What???

  1. I have not researched this for double deck but for a shoe game I know that if you start with a hard 15 or 16 you hit….but if you draw and make a 15 or 16 you stay. I’ve watched many videos and done quick figuring while watching that if JV stood on the drawn to 15 or 16 he would win more of those hands than he’d lose. Obviously I can’t speak for how the rest of the hands would play after that but for those hands he would win more than he would lose. Again, I don’t know if that’s true for double deck play but it is for shoe play. If Tonya and JV know different please let me know.

  2. Why do you guys like Don to be your dealer he is a great guy, but he always takes you to the cleaners.

  3. Why/How do you always play alone?? Could you make a video at a full table, i feel like it’s way easier when you don’t have 3/4 other people taking cards & making mistakes for the table

  4. Playing in a black jack tournament in 2 weeks. Have you ever been in a tournament b4

  5. I like watching you but you need to up your bets tremendously when your on a streak because every video I watch you don’t leave with much profit and you’re buying in at 1 grand

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