Baccarat Card Counting (Live Dealer) (Video Cut Out At End??)

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Baccarat Card Counting Live Dealer.

This is a real money demonstration of my card counting. The price is currently $300. July 1 it goes up to $499. Even with a tough shoe you can squeak out a little profit. I struggled in this shoe but you can’t hit every bet unfortunately. I will start doing some live dealer poker night soon. Sorry for the ending if you make it that far. For some reason the video cut out and just stopped. I lost the bet if you were wondering 😁

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For my card counting you can go to$Thebaccaratfather


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Baccarat Card Counting (Live Dealer) (Video Cut Out At End??)

10 thoughts on “Baccarat Card Counting (Live Dealer) (Video Cut Out At End??)

  1. For anyone that stays till the end, the video just stops suddenly. Sorry, I dont edit anything. Spoiler alert i do lose the bet

  2. thank you but no translatable subtitles, so zero for non English speakers!!

  3. This was a pretty chill cashflow video (despite that ending 😅). Your voice is really relaxing and thank you for the video.

  4. Your content so far has been pretty interesting, thanks. But for me, anyone (not just you) showing a system with 1, 2 or 10 winning sessions really doesn't mean much, especially starting with a $100 balance. I mean you typically demonstrate on Wizard using $100 units and then you show us live money play starting with a $100 balance? Strange. Your asking $300 (soon $500) for your card counting system but where's the proof it works in the long run? Do a balance builder series where you take a $1,000 live money balance and build it up to $10,000. I'm sure you'll sell a lot more systems if you can do it…

  5. Hello father. Is this counting system different then free ones? Can you explain how you count?Thank you, your system looks promises.

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