Record-Breaking Pot: What Made Eric Persson Pull the Trigger?

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Phil Galfond breaks down a record-breaking televised poker pot – a $1,978,000 No Limit Hold‘em poker hand played by Patrik Antonius and Eric Persson on PokerGO’s No Gamble No Future: Clash of the Titans Live Poker Show.

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A huge THANK YOU to Eric Persson for sharing his poker strategy thoughts with Phil on this record-breaking televised poker hand.

This was the biggest poker hand played in televised U.S. poker history at the time, there may have been a larger one on a high stakes poker live stream but that’s a different ball game!

This is NOT your average high stakes No Limit Hold ‘em live stream poker hand, the Clash of the Titans event from No Gamble No Future had a $100,000 side bet in place with an additional $500,000 to the winningest player!

As Phil explains in this poker hand breakdown, the side bet changes the poker strategy and ranges that each of these high stakes poker players could have as there is a $600,000 upswing for the person who wins the most!

The NGNF: Clash of The Titans high stakes poker event was live streamed on PokerGO and featured Eric Persson, Patrik Antonius, Rob Yong, Andrew Robl, MJ Gonzales, and Markus Gonsalves.

The entire poker audience wins when High Stakes Legends and Elite Poker Pros CLASH on a live poker stream, especially when they break records and Phil Galfond gets to explain the poker strategy!

With a $500,000 initial buy-in and an optional $500,000 add-on, it was no surprise that one of the biggest poker hands in televised poker history happened (at the time, it was the biggest pot in American TV poker history) on this legendary high stakes poker live stream.

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Record-Breaking Pot: What Made Eric Persson Pull the Trigger?

10 thoughts on “Record-Breaking Pot: What Made Eric Persson Pull the Trigger?

  1. I mean, on the phone he might have given you his “thinking”, but let’s be honest, given how quickly he acted in all spots there was little more thinking done then “I have a draw and am going to bully him off his hand.”

  2. Do you think Tom will appreciate this intro slander? But i guess it's youtuber Bait for comments, and you 100% would have told Tom about this before you posted.

  3. Thank you Phil for the breakdown. And also it's so valuable that you share your conversations with actually the players who played the hand. Cheers

  4. Doesn’t Patrick also block hearts soo makes it less likely persson was doing this with a draw and more likely a 3… you almost don’t want AK hearts when facing river shove

  5. Ive learnt that Persson is the absolute biggest donky ive ever seen play poker

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