How To Play Craps – Part 1 out of 5

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Learn about the pass line bet, the come bet, odds and more!


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How To Play Craps – Part 1 out of 5

10 thoughts on “How To Play Craps – Part 1 out of 5

  1. *chuckles, yes, keep your RACK clear lol that was so ripe just 2 minutes into the video

  2. I noticed when you were talking about the come bets, when a seven comes out (17:35 on the video) and you have a come bet going don't you get even money on those bets? Also when you had come bets going and a 2 is rolled (17:20 on the video) don't you lose the come bets? Thanks

  3. You can have your odds on come bets working on come out rolls if you want. And you should have them working all the time. Turning odds off on come out rolls is like not taking odds for one roll. The odds for a seven to roll is always the same whether you want it or not. If you can have your flat bet not working on come out rolls, then you can have your odds not working on come out rolls as well.

  4. Of course the best bet is the don’t and don’t come and laying odds for the house. The dealers don’t like don’t bettors because it’s more work for them. I myself don’t care to do the extra work. I’m happy when the players make the best bets and am happy to see them win. The other players are also not happy to see someone bet against them either. But the dice can’t hear any of it. You just have to be aware of possible dice mechanics. They can change the odds if they are successful. But very few people can do it.

  5. I volunteer to assist in observing the status of her rack, its what friends do 😂🤣😂

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