Win $300 per hour – craps strategy

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Can you really win $300 per hour with this craps strategy?
In Season 1 Episode 2 of dice advice I show the $5 a roll grand martingale. This is a craps strategy that uses the field bet with a martingale progression after a non field number rolls. Thank you to Keith A. for the strategy.

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Win $300 per hour – craps strategy

10 thoughts on “Win $300 per hour – craps strategy

  1. Craps is my favorite game, but I rather tell someone to use this technique on baccarat and follow trends because it is 50/50 for the most part. With craps, the math in favors 6,7, and 8. With this said, odds are higher of a streak occurring for non field numbers. Then again, it's gambling, and it's your money.

  2. I saw a guy win $15,000 in the field playing a $1,000 a roll. He hit 12 twice & a few 2’s. Just a heads up fa the ones calling the video dumb it’s actually a good strategy. Imagine hitting a 12 w/the last $315? That’s $945 plus your $315. I play place bets though but the field can heat up

  3. You should retitle your video "How to quickly lose a bad ton of money at craps." I doubt you would get as many hits though…..

  4. He said the hase a reasonable 2.5%% house edge. On dubbed deck blackjack game you can get the house edge down to 0.25% saying 2.5% is reasonable is retarded.

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