$1000 Turns into $ ????

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Fun 6 DECK blackjack session at Green Valley Ranch Casino.. located about 20 min from the famous Las Vegas strip in Henderson, NV

This video is for entertaimnent purposes only. Gambling in any form is risky and must be taken seriously.


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$1000 Turns into $ ????

10 thoughts on “$1000 Turns into $ ????

  1. You should surrender 15 vs 10 and ace, 16 (except 88) vs 9, 10, ace, 88 against ace, and even hard 17 against ace. That’s what wizard of odds say for 6 desk dealer hit soft 17.

  2. I would really want to see an episode where you play completely correct basic strategy, including all splits, doubles, and surrenders, according to wizard of odds based on table rules. That will be educational. As much as I don’t like Victor he plays more correct strategy than you do.

  3. You wouldn’t had 21 if you’d surrendered. You’d got 22. You surrendered a 15 the next card was an ace and the next one was a 6

  4. Hi dear
    I Love your channel .
    But could try playing hand suffel and let us know how many decks is.
    And if possible try not to hit all you low cards regardless of what dealer card shows. Let them bust. And do not double down if dealer shows face or 10.
    Best of luck

  5. I'm new to blackjack and have played online a few times. I am confused by insurance. I have opted for it and it didn't seem to change anything… What's the point then?

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