3 Different Bonus Hits on Willie Nelson Slot Machine!

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The father/son duo of Matt and Steve Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, play the Willie Nelson slot machine from Everi gaming.

Matt explains how the game works while they play and Steve also provides some additional commentary. The game is played for pennies at a bet of $3.00 per spin, and the starting bankroll is $500.

During their play they hit the I Gotta Get Drunk Pick Bonus, one of the progressive jackpot bonuses and the Willie’s Multiplier Wheel Bonus. However, was it enough for Steve and Matt to come out ahead on this game?

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3 Different Bonus Hits on Willie Nelson Slot Machine!

10 thoughts on “3 Different Bonus Hits on Willie Nelson Slot Machine!

  1. Steve couldn't wait to bolt from Willie. What do you have against Willie? Did he try to pick up your wife?

  2. The $ 4.20 max bet is perfect for Willie considering his marijuana history. 👍

  3. Can you guys look into videos by “perfectpair?” I think all the videos are played with play chips on a practice BJ table

  4. Y'all were looking for a phrase or tag line and the thing I hear most from y'all is 'I'll take it!'

  5. I see this machine and have tempted to play but never did. Glad to see you guys tke risk on it.

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