5 Tips I’ve Learned from 4 Years on YouTube – BlackJack Clips

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I’ve officially been on YouTube for 4 years now and as I want to share with you 5 Tips on what I’ve learned from 4 YEARS on YOUTUBE!

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5 Tips I’ve Learned from 4 Years on YouTube – BlackJack Clips

10 thoughts on “5 Tips I’ve Learned from 4 Years on YouTube – BlackJack Clips

  1. Interesting subject – although I don't plan on starting a channel any time soon. :>)

  2. Great video Andy, thank you…your audio is really crisp – can I ask which microphone you’re using there please?

  3. Only started my channel back in August, so can reflect on these points.

    Point 1.
    Very true. I started on my phone without a holder. That I think is the one piece of equipment that I'd say is ideal to start with. When I look back at my first video I do cringe a bit 😄

    Point 2.
    Very true, no point making something you don't enjoy. I mainly do stuff for Age of Fantasy by One Page Rules, most videos don't get a lot of views.

    Point 3.
    The desire for perfection is the enemy of action, best to get things out there.

    Point 4.
    This is something I haven't encountered yet, but it is still very handy to be reminded of. This point I think is great for life in general. 🙂

    Point 5.
    Ties somewhat into point 2.

    One point that I have come up with is to do a script. Talking on camera is surprisingly difficult. That was a big change for me.

  4. You summed it up perfectly. I think whenever someone asks me for advice on setting up a channel going forward, I might just point them in the direction of this video!

  5. This is great advice. Been wanting to make for fun videos for years and I think I got really hung up on advice #1. I kept thinking I needed the nicest everything and waiting to buy everything. You're right I just need to get going and just do what I enjoy and not worry about all the equipment. Thank you for this video

  6. Thanks for the tips. I am brand new to YouTube, even though I have been blogging for four years. Some of your tips work for both platforms. Thanks again!

  7. Loving going back through some of these vids, Andy… And solid, helpful advice, too. Cheers Mister! 👍

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