6 Things You Should NEVER Do at a Blackjack Table When Counting Cards

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Playing Blackjack professionally, part time, or as a hobby requires you to learn more than just Card Counting. A huge part of successfully playing Blackjack and maintaining the edge over the house is perfecting the way you act in the casino or more importantly how NOT to act at the Blackjack Table. We are going to share 6 things that you should NEVER do at the Blackjack table if you want to make it as a Card Counter & “A.P.” (Advantage Player).

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Basic Strategy:

0:00 Intro
0:53 Being Obvious
2:15 Playing Same Table
2:35 Talking Business at the Table
3:12 Blaming another Player
4:46 Being Memorable
5:26 High Maintenance Player
8:50 Learn More

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6 Things You Should NEVER Do at a Blackjack Table When Counting Cards

10 thoughts on “6 Things You Should NEVER Do at a Blackjack Table When Counting Cards

  1. After having practiced online for months learning the Basic Strategy by heart, I went to a casino. An employee was kind enough to find me a table with a spot. I purchased $300 in chips and began to play. After nearly an hour and having won almost $900, I grabbed my chips to head out. As I stood up, a guy next to me looked me in the eye strangely but, I continued to the cashier with $1,190 in chips. That was the last time I entered a casino.

  2. Why shouldn't I play at a table if a card counter is already there? You didn't really explain why.

  3. Loudon should take more pride in his name, its not like he is forcing his name, he just shouldn't use his real name since he is a season card counter, he should ignore that it kind of seems like a cheesy pun and just have it roll off the tongue as one word. Enjoy seeing him in the videos.

  4. i think you're a casino supervisor for cardcounters ahahhaha you don't hesitate to show your faces ahahhaa

  5. If you can spot another card counter, cant you watch his bet unit from a distance, and use it as a signal to enter the table as at a high count? Or is that bad etiquette?

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