7 Ways to Speed up Your Card Counting Training

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If you want to take the casinos money as a card counter, you need perfect skills. But mastering card counting takes time and dedication. In this video, Colin shares some tips that will increase the efficiency of your training so you can get a winning game as quickly as possible.

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7 Ways to Speed up Your Card Counting Training

10 thoughts on “7 Ways to Speed up Your Card Counting Training

  1. Before I got Lyme, I had one of those memories where I could repeat a conversation word for word that happened 5 years ago. I could remember a legal file number, date of loss, claim number, where the accident occurred, all parties and where it was in the litigation phase. I could have counted cards if I had a mind to and you know it just never ever occurred to me. What was I thinking? Now I can't remember what I said 15 minutes ago. SMH

  2. I read your last e-mail…wonging in at a positive count instead of starting at the beginning of a shoe makes sense! Going to start testing this out.

  3. I can reliably count down a deck in 25 seconds. I might be able to knock a bit off of that time but I don't see how I could get to 20 seconds. It takes me almost 20 seconds just to cycle through a deck without counting!

  4. I played in a casino with $20 minimum bet. When the true counter went to 13. With the last 2 decks. Dealer cut one deck. Then I increased my bet to $100.and I lose my money all 4 times. The dealer always got 20 or 21. So sad.
    And I won in several shoes with tc about -8

  5. Thoughts on live dealers through casinos? Living in NJ, Atlantic city casinos offer live dealers online

  6. DUDE! 3:45 Clearly you’ve never dealt with basic jumping a car battery skill. Black is negative and red is positive! Why are you switching that basic principle? Like getting port and starboard on a boat mixed up

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