10 thoughts on “Another Reason Casinos Suck. #cardcounting #blackjack

  1. Not saying casinos don’t try to avoid paying people (I’m sure they do), but this lady’s $42M “jackpot” was clearly a mistake.  The supposed “jackpot” was $42949672.76.  This was obviously an underflow, as 4294967276 = hexadecimal FFFFFFEC.  In other words, the “jackpot” had gone below zero for some reason — probably a programming mistake — and overflowed to near what the maximum is for a 32-bit value.

  2. Another example is Phil Ivey winning millions in both the UK and US in Punto Banco (Baccarat) and the casino did everything they can the recoup those winnings in court plus more.

  3. They are already preying on the general public with their excessive room rates, piled on with resort fees parking fees and now exorbitant food prices. but they keep coming !

  4. We should as ex-gamblers and addicts and those who hate casinos, take a day each week where we do not go to a casino. And get a lot of people to do that, then two days a week and continue till the casinos drop prices and let us play the games even with their advantage or let them shut down. Then small casinos can be built with dignity and create new games that don't give the house an edge but take a long time to master.

  5. To be fair that situation with the slot was clearly an error, it was way way higher than the max possible payout

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