Big Win on Monopoly Lunar New Year Slot Machine!

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Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, plays the new one-cent Monopoly Lunar New Year Slot Machine! The game was released in February 2002 and it is now making its debut in many casinos throughout the U.S.

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9 thoughts on “Big Win on Monopoly Lunar New Year Slot Machine!

  1. I’m enjoying the addition of slots to your channel. I recently subscribed to you channel and now you have me trying video poker and enjoying it. Thanks

  2. Lol turned me into a liar didn't see that coming funniest line in the video. I fell out laughing! Super win congrats.

  3. I Love it when it’s a new game!
    Specially when you do hit the money πŸ’΄. Congrats on your winnings and bounces too!

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