Blackjack – I Gambled $2,000 & Bought Back In at the Casino!

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$2,000 Blackjack for the first time! I Bought BACK IN for Another 1k!! Gambling in a Las Vegas Casino!! Real Double Deck Blackjack casino play with real money…this is not a fake Blackjack channel!! JV plays basic strategy 21 at the Boulder Station casino in Las Vegas. An intense session Blackjack video today. $50 – $225 bets. Thanks for watching!!

NOTE: Vegas Gamblers are not sponsored by any casino. We play with our own money in a real casino. All video is filmed with permission from Boulder Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

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Blackjack – I Gambled $2,000 &  Bought Back In at the Casino!

10 thoughts on “Blackjack – I Gambled $2,000 & Bought Back In at the Casino!

  1. Can't just stand on 16 because "I've taken 5 low cards", the odds are still worse if you stand instead of hit.

  2. I lost a nice amount a couple of days ago at the casino but just watching you guys gives me motivation and I always tell myself when I lose"it's not a casino it's a bank"you guys are going to get that back in a lot more that's why I watch you guys videos because not quitting and getting some of your money back that's what I love the most that's a real gambler 🎯🙏🏽😤

  3. Don't buy back in often, this has caused many patrons to sign up to gamblers anonymous or absence themselves from casinos for substantial losses. Chasing a loss is bad if you do it often, but if it's only on occasion it's okay. But be disciplined, know when to stop, and watching this video I saw a good outcome. Most gamblers who gain back their loss, will stay, losing even more money on a session.

  4. I was visiting my sister in Arizona last year. I went to a casino 18 times in a month. Believe it or not I won 15 times and broke even the other 3.
    I didn’t win a lot (between 300 to 600 each win). And I don’t count cards or cheat. 😊

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