Blackjack Session – Part 1 – $700 Buy In

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Blackjack Session – Part 1 – $700 Buy In. In this video the shoe has 6 decks. We play basic strategy and wait for a streak to happen but some ups and downs happen through this shoe. At the end we basically break even and will continue to the next shoe which will come out this Friday!

We start with a bankroll of $700 at this Blackjack table.Table pays 3-2 when hitting a Blackjack. Insurance is 2 to 1. Dealer must hit soft 17.

We want to show lots of different kinds of betting strategies in its own Blackjack session. Seeing the outcomes of each strategy and to make you a better Blackjack player yourself.
Please comment what kind of strategies you guys would like to see.

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Blackjack Session – Part 1 – $700 Buy In

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