Blackjack Tips For The Pure And Righteous

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A crash course in gambling for the entirely uninitiated. I post new videos about family life in Las Vegas (and a variety of other nonsense) every Monday. So subscribe.

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I vlogged our entire move from Seattle to Vegas! Watch the full playlist here:

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Blackjack Tips For The Pure And Righteous

4 thoughts on “Blackjack Tips For The Pure And Righteous

  1. Hi Kathryn, been to Vegas couple times. Gambling no, buffet at Bellagio awesome. Have fun at your new home.

  2. Don't really gamble — did once (played the nickel machine) in Tahoe when I was in my 20s and that was good enough. I was raised Catholic too — and I listen to your videos because I like you!! LOL!!!

  3. Hi Kathryn I am new to your channel like your channel you do keep it 100 I don't like the cards poker blackjack I like the penny machine I can play penny machine all day long and my next question is I am trying to find a place in Las Vegas I will be coming to Las Vegas next year I want to save up some more money I will be moving to Las Vegas next year I went on Google and it's like nothing like having somebody actually live there me and my seven-year-old will be coming and I'm looking for a good school for him and I really nice place 2 bedrooms 2 bathroom for about $1,000 I am on section 8 and that is what they giving me to spend on a place would be good if you have any suggestions on where the good area to live in please let me know and thank you so much I really appreciate and enjoy watching your channel 🤗

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