10 thoughts on “Blackjack Workshop Money Management

  1. 3m32s – 90%? Not even close with a rank 8 or higher busting. 6 of the 10 shown cards are the bust cards and there are 24 to start the deck leaving 18 in a 42 deck states 42.587%. Math is a key to the game, and not using it makes your expected longterm ROI to be negative.

    Proper Currency Management (considering you bet fiat debt notes that are not money its better to tell the truth) would state to have enough bets behind unless you don't mind taking a chance for great returns and a high chance of losing the stake. It's a good idea to only play decks that don't auto reshuffle and maybe get some white chips to count aces with.

  2. 1st hand an ace, 4 faces, two nines played and no sixes or sevens is a bad situation going into hand 2. Perfect basic strategy I calculate at +0.5% ROI with 52 left and in your 2nd hand it would be at -1% playing basic strategy and a good reason to bet min or not play in the unrealitic situation of playing one deck and for more than one hand.

    Through running tests of playing 8 big bets with <2 bet balance being bust (you need to double/split when needed) the chances of this occuring is around 50% with a 2.5% edge (only playing massive rich decks) and another 30% chance of being between 2-16 bets

  3. 7m2s – Heck why not double. CAN YOU NOT SEE THE BOARD IN FRONT YOU? 2 fives and 2 fours are out and those are your gin cards. You should use math in this game!

  4. So, your betting has no correlation to your advantage or disadvantage. If you're not betting with the count, you're just gambling, which means ultimately you're losing.

  5. Ken Smith
    98% of card-counters lose money! Prove me wrong with real evidence. When you increase your bet based on the count, there is no guarantee you will win those hands. The dealer also gets the 20s and bjs. Also if you are not 100% accurate in your running count, u could take a bigger bath. One more thing, your best case scenario would give you a meger 1% advantage. Unless you're betting big coin it amounts to little. The Casino NEVER runs out of money.

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