10 thoughts on “Boost Your Blackjack Odds

  1. Never hit on a hard 17 to 20. Use the basic strategy. Depends on what dealer has…not in just what u hold. The basic strat is not that hard to memorize.. 3 parts. Hard, soft and pair hands. I hav the hard hands memorized. Once all that is memorized, then u use it and then start training in card counting! Then u practice online for a year. Then try casinos. Find a mentor maybe.

  2. I think its brilliant. He's basically showing you with very crude rules you can win 45-46% of the time which is only a few % points off the best you can do.

  3. The whole point of Blackjack is not to minimise losses, but to “get lucky”. So any strategy APART from optimal strategy (within reason) at least gives you a chance of winning.

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