Bovada Blackjack 2021 Review + How To

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In this video I give a full review of my experience playing blackjack on Bovada in 2021. I also talk about how to play blackjack on bovada, and the different types of blackjack you can play on Bovada, including single deck and live dealer blackjack.

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Bovada Blackjack 2021 Review + How To

10 thoughts on “Bovada Blackjack 2021 Review + How To

  1. Do you think that the live dealer has better odds than the virtual? I was wondering how many decks are in the shoe for the live blackjack, was hard to tell.

  2. im glad you did a review, i use them but ive been winning pretty nice these past couple of days. I got my first withdrawal of $400, you can only get one every 3 days. but in my experience interactive games are what getting this website a lot of flack. Tbh ive had better luck at the early payout game blackjack, you might want to go into it a little more since those tables work very differently.

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