Card Counting in Single Deck Blackjack!

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SIGN UP ON AMERICAS CARDROOOM HERE: In this video single deck blackjack is played with card counting and varying bet sizes to hopefully move the edge from the house to the player. Please do not take this too seriously as this system may not work as well as it would in a live casino setting since online sites seem to go on their own algorithms. You are always welcome to play for free and test out your card counting skills.

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Card Counting in Single Deck Blackjack!

10 thoughts on “Card Counting in Single Deck Blackjack!

  1. Deck gets shuffled after every hand. You would think you would know this before making and publishing a video on Youtube.

  2. 2:22 dealer has a two diamonds 3:15 you have a two of diamonds…. the deck is shuffled each hand

  3. Lmao. Online every hand cards are shuffled. Your count should end at 0 if it's one deck all the way through with no shuffles 😂

  4. Hmmmmm this is the first single deck of cards I've seen with 5 7s in it….. Thanks for wasting all those precious minutes of my life

  5. If playing a 6 card shoe can you sit down in the middle of play at any table and start counting? or do you have to start when the show starts?

  6. Dude wouldn't you think bovada and online blackjack websites would think of this before hand………they obviously shuffle each deck every single time, which results in a restart on the count every single hand………

  7. Card count? you can't card count RNG computer blackjack. It's shuffled every hand. lol you funny

  8. Wow this lad is a genius 🤣
    A real life Rain Man.
    Follow this system & online single deck BJ will be like a personal ATM machine.
    Right I'm off to get motherloveing rich 🤑

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