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  1. how do you calculate how much money you make per hour ? is it by multiplying EV x bet size x hands per hours ?

  2. All u need Is practice find a free blackjack game and practice practice practice

  3. Take it from a person who failed math 5 times, card counting is just counting +1 or -1 and keeping a number in your head, and it really is easy the only difficult part is when you have to do it while talking and focusing on whether you should stay or leave.

  4. Hey, can someone clear something up for me? Why don't Casinos just reshuffle the decks after every round to just completly avoid card counters?

  5. Question: I know you change your bets based on the count (bet more at a higher count, etc) but do you ever change the play? Like if the count is high, would I hit on something Iā€™d normally stay on? Would love to hear more about this

  6. Did you hear about that recent lawsuit in Blackhawk, Co where a card counter was caught and things got physical, apparently the guy is suing the city and cosino for 3 mil

  7. Not BJ related. Is that Hebrew on your inner right bicep. I thought Jews couldn't be tattooed.

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