Common Mistakes New Card Counters Make

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We all make mistakes, especially when we are new to something. The same goes for card counting, though with the potential for some very costly consequences. In this video, Colin relies on his 15 years of professional card counting experience to point out some common errors and hopefully help you avoid them altogether.

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Common Mistakes New Card Counters Make

10 thoughts on “Common Mistakes New Card Counters Make

  1. I’ve just got a question about the shoes. How long do u think it will be until all casinos use automatic shuffle? I hope it doesn’t happen but wud love to know ur opinion on this, thanks CJ.

  2. Hello Colin, I have been going to Casino Rama often and I have memorized basic strategy, as well as used card counting in Blackjack. I used to watch (or Wong) games in progress and count cards on the sidelines before sitting down to play. Although, I later realized that there was this unspoken rule of waiting until the entire shoe or game has been finished/completed before joining, to avoid making other players angry or overall offending people at the table (which would cancel out Wonging). So, now I wait until an entire shoe has finished before playing at a table. Although, now I am uncertain what the count may be before playing at a table. So, when I do end up playing a game, I start with a fresh shoe, but still do not know if these decks may be beneficial for me and I feel obligated to always play from the beginning of the shoe, instead of counting the cards of the first hand of other players before playing at the table. So, overall how do you go about picking a table before playing? do you just play at a table if the count appears to be in your favour, regardless if the game has just started and you missed the first hand? or do you always just start playing the first hand of a shoe, without Wonging or counting cards of the opening hand of other players? I also am wondering, if perhaps you are playing a game, that you started playing from the very beginning of the shoe, and let's say you won 3 times in a row, is it acceptable to just take a break from the next hand? like instead of playing continuously like most people would, do you ever play 3 hands and take a break and then play some more? to avoid losing the next hand potentially? I mean, I could very well lose the next hand if I just keep playing continuously, although, if I don't continue to play, some people at the table may disapprove of this strategy, but I would rather not lose my money when I feel I might be dealt a really bad hand. Anyways, I just thought I would ask, as I am curious as to how you would approach picking a table, how you go about joining a game, and if you always continuously play throughout the shoe on every hand.

    Thank you for reading.

  3. So do you enter a game once you have a positive true count? And then leave when it goes negative?

  4. so you meant i must bet more high if i count + and bet turn to minimun bet when i count – is that correct? but thanks for your video i enjoy it soomuch

  5. just read a post on reddit and i think your words where… "I am lovein proud of blackjack apprenticeship"… thats sub worthy

  6. Epic I like how you said that "Don't care about the other players, Their there to gamble your there to make money"

  7. It's a mistake if you don't learn how to use cover… you'll become recognizable to the casino…. they'll Unleashed game control and you won't be able to beat the game… they'll put your picture in the Griffith black book… being bard is a fluke it doesn't really happen…. I'm thinking the casinos are on to you!

  8. When you say "get up from the table" on a negative true count, what do you mean exactly? Like if the running count is -1 to -4/5 very early on, the true count is only -1 or -1.5. Is it still recommended to get up (being practical)?

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