10 thoughts on “Dana White Does A $100,000 Split On Blackjack At The Red Rock Las Vegas! #danawhite #blackjack #ufc

  1. What they don't tell you is that he is allowed to double after splitting. If you or I walk into a casino you won't be able to do this.

  2. Has mad as I’ve ever gotten at a blackjack table, I’ve never cursed and showed or acted like a lowlife as Dana White is showing my God he’s a nasty foul mouth lowlife

  3. These are times we kinda feel it’s our turn to win, we want to be all in.
    But this game is tough.
    Dana makes it look a lot easier than anyone I’ve ever watched play the game for sure.

  4. What happens if you win on 1 split and lose in the other? Does it just even out

  5. I like the videos were dana loses rather than wins. Hes so funny when he loses.

  6. you are allowed to hit after you split…. why did he not hit on the A3? dana would have got a A 3 6 =20…. wtf?

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