3 thoughts on “Don Johnson Won $15M at Blackjack.

  1. This video is misleading. Don Johnson's key advantage came purely from the outrageous 20% discount. Don calculated that if he played until he won or lost an X amount of money, his discount would give him the advantage. The other rules/stuff helped, but they were mostly smoke and mirrors. In fact, Don Johnson admitted to doing other stuff, but he refused to disclose those details. The casino miscalculated the advantage, which is rare considering Vegas has been devoted to calculating the odds seriously since Ed Thorp's Beat the Dealer in 1962.

  2. I have met Mr.Johnson ,and I truly admire his composure and wits threw out each and every time he would sit at the Las Vegas Hilton baccarat room and Destroyed every dealer that would come in even the casino ex /dealers man quite the show 👀⚖️❤️

  3. Finally got it back up. https://www.blackjacksolutions.net Had to change the hosting service and more.

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