Down $3,000,000 Adin Ross Goes To BlackJack !!!

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Down $3,000,000 Adin Ross Goes To BlackJack !!!

10 thoughts on “Down $3,000,000 Adin Ross Goes To BlackJack !!!

  1. He needs to tell that one dude to shut the F up and study some BJ before playing 50k hands. Thats more than an average income and u know fuxkall about BJ

  2. On god Adin needs somebody like you in his discord because he's doing f up shii wayy too many times😂😂😂 and I know you could easily get in his discord it would be crazyy💯

  3. starting to get sick of watch adin vids, how can yu choose to gamble and let fools play for you that are scared to hit 14s 15s n 16s bro get rid of yur so called friends and invest in a basic strat card yur down so much cuz yu do dumb bad like this

  4. Playing the devil's advocate here. hitting vs standing a 12v4 is actually extremely close that if a few big cards are out it can actually favor hitting. It's not as a bad play as people make it out to be

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