DraftKings…. You’ve got to be kidding me with this. #blackjack #onlinecasino #tablegames

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DraftKings blackjack table… horrible “luck” ??? Or rigged…. I say rigged how many times you see this???!?!? Maybe I just have horrible luck but can’t make this up. This ontop of how many times the dealer has 18-20 when you have 13-16 so have to hit and always bust yet when you finally get a 18-20 they’ll hit 4-6 cards to push or beat you by 1… how y’all feel about online casinos?

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DraftKings…. You’ve got to be kidding me with this. #blackjack #onlinecasino #tablegames

10 thoughts on “DraftKings…. You’ve got to be kidding me with this. #blackjack #onlinecasino #tablegames

  1. Here's a tip for everybody. Online blackjack, always is and always will be rigged. All of them. You will lose. They can claim their system or code was audited; doesn't matter. They pay off an auditor, pay off a coder, pay off whoever it takes to give them a good reputation, when in reality your odds are significantly worse than playing at an actual casino.

    You can play less than 100 hands to see that it's blatantly rigged, sometimes even in your favor in the beginning. But in the long term it's rigged in their favor and there is no true randomness.

  2. 100% rigged if it's not 21 the dealer will literally draw five the most I seen with six cards and hit 21 u know what the odds are sitting a 12 to draw 5 cards to hit 21 and it's not just 1 every 30 hands it's maybe every 3 hand I dealer will hit 5 to 6 times and crack 21

  3. Play live cause the computer cheats on blackjack. You have better chance at hitting with other people in the room helping the dealer force to bust

  4. bad literally just happened to me 3 BJ in a row, and then hit 20 for way too many times for it to make sense. Only after I was up 200%

  5. I’ve witnessed shoes in casinos where the dealer playing 1 on 1 won every hand and a couple shoes when a player beat the dealer almost every single hand – it’s extremely rare, but sick streaks can happen both in live and online – I still couldn’t possibly trust online – at least I get to see those bitches fan out all 6-8 decks and watch them shuffle all the cards and cut before it all goes in the shoe and start playing

  6. DK is a scam They love using we are regulated and monitored by Gaming control board yeah giving the government kick back money to run a scam

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