How Much Money Should You Bring to the Casino?

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$500? 100 units? $20,000? Though there is certainly no one right answer that applies to everyone, being a card counter for over 15 years has lead to some experience on the subject. Here are some tips, advice and wisdom on how much money YOU should bring to the casino.

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How Much Money Should You Bring to the Casino?

10 thoughts on “How Much Money Should You Bring to the Casino?

  1. HEY COLIN! What do we do in regards to showing ID at a casino once they pegged you as a returning counter? Should you refuse to share your ID? Show them anyway? How do you continue counting at a place you've been backed off in regards to showing or not showing ID? Thanks Colin

  2. What do you do if you’re winning bad loads of cash? Does the casino report that to the irs that you won that money?

  3. Question: So when the true count is high, doesn't the dealer have an equally as good of a chance as getting a good hand as you (i.e. 18, 19, 20, 21)? Also, if the count is high and you get a 12-16, there's a greater chance you'll bust if you have to hit. Doesn't seem like the greatest advantage to me.

  4. Bro can u describe about online blackjack works with basic strategy with card counting, because lots of online site are available nowadays and gambling is prohibited in my location,

  5. So what happens when you get good at this and then get banned from your local casino? Single casino in my home state (Australia) otherwise it’s a four hour flight…

  6. Yes, everytime I ck out Colin I realize not very much has changed in the last 30 years. Well, ok, something has significantly changed. The older I get the less 2 things change radically. First, the older I look the less attractive I am. The less attractive I look the less money I make. Why is this? Because I attract more male attention. The non degenerate bJ player is more interested in me than winning money and/ or losing money. Usually, hue

  7. Hey Colin, remember you saying the first 100 hours are most memorable. I grow my bankroll from 2k to 5.8k in about 40 hours and then back to 1.8k in 6 hours recently mostly in 2 shoes with “true count 15” or above… is this pure bad luck…

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