How to Decide If Card Counting Is Right for You?

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Taking millions out of casinos, playing next to professional athletes, and building active investments while always seeking the next challenge. Colin Jones, founder of Blackjack Apprenticeship and The Church Team (who took over 3 million dollars from casinos) shares a few reasons why he chose to become a professional card counter.

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How to Decide If Card Counting Is Right for You?

10 thoughts on “How to Decide If Card Counting Is Right for You?

  1. I’ve started watching your videos a few days ago, I’m practicing and can count a deck in 53.11 seconds. Gonna keep going.

  2. Professional blackjack would not be for me. I live too far from casino country, so it's only a recreational hobby. Most games aren't that good anyway. Some down to 65% penetration, no-mid shoe entry or no resplits etc.. Can't wong in. A total waste of time…some of these games.

  3. Making a couple hundred dollars per hour depends on a few variables. Please don't think as you sit down you'll make a few hundred dollars per hour..

  4. NEW video please : How to encourage parents to let you work, play Blackjack then going to unversity and working badty work after it

  5. I highly recommend Colin and Blackjack Apprenticeship for BJ card counting. He and his team are very good.

  6. I'm new to black jack (like 4weeks new), and so far I've been coming out ahead. The couple of issues I see with version of counting cards is…….
    #1 my casino has a version of blackjack, in which you don't see the other players hands, until the last second and that gives you maybe 10 seconds to count cards at best, before the dealer starts collecting the cards.
    #2 not only does a player cut the deck (4 deck play), the dealer does as well with a yellow card. So as soon as the dealer reaches that yellow card, they play out what's on the table, then they reshuffle. Which means you never get to play out the 4 decks.
    Does anyone know anything about those version of black jack at my casino?? And how it effects card counting?

  7. Hi! I love your channel and it has been giving me so much usefull information. However, I was wondering if it’s still worth playing if the rule that a tie on 17-19 not equals a push still makes it worth playing in the long term?

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