How to Get an Advantage on Happy 8’s Slot Machines

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Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide Book, explores a variety of “advantage play” slot machines where players can sometimes get a better chance of winning when the machine is in an advantageous condition.

In this video he talks about the Happy 8’s slot machines from Incredible Technologies. Matt explains how the game works and how to know when the machine is in an advantageous state which can give you a better chance of winning!

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How to Get an Advantage on Happy 8’s Slot Machines

10 thoughts on “How to Get an Advantage on Happy 8’s Slot Machines

  1. Thanks for doing this video 👍🙂 I’m usually a low-roller and I’m enjoying all your tips 👍😁

  2. This concept in the slot world is called, "vulturing." It can be done on many machines that maintain their last played state. But there are many people, and groups actually, that do just this. For the average player, this really isn't something they are likely to do. It's a tip, though.

  3. Well that worked out! I’ve done this on the new Buffalo Link game – looked for which machine had the most collected for the random feature.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I have pretty much given up playing this game. I could never get a bonus nor any of the progressives. Plus I felt like the payouts were really low.

  5. I heard someone ask if you had permission to film, was it a casino employee and who do you ask for permission? Is it hard to get permission to film?

  6. at 01:59 who was asking if you have "permission", I am assuming to film?

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