How To Get Free MyVegas Blackjack Loyalty Points

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MyVegas Blackjack Free Loyalty Points

Let’s get Free Coins for myVegas Blackjack. I’ve showed you how to get free chips in myVegas Blackjack. And now how to get free loyalty points in myVegas Blackjack. It’s easier than it is in myVegas Slots, and you can do it by just watching Ads.

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How To Get Free MyVegas Blackjack Loyalty Points

7 thoughts on “How To Get Free MyVegas Blackjack Loyalty Points

  1. Yeah Wynn slots is doing us dirty, I'm mostly playing my Vegas blackjack at this point, I think I'll just buy my way to level two on Wynn slots right before I'm ready to book my 4 nights, it still beats room rates and resort fees for 4 nights

  2. Ace back at it again!! Actually have a question you did Cover before, but do you know how much it cost to unlock 4 Rewards more or less and do I have to buy a big one all at once or going to be little small ones over time. In other words do I have to spend $50 or can I spend $10 $5 bucks here and there and they'll eventually a unlock? Thank again Ace!!!!!!

  3. I've been able to collect 8 at a time at least twice a day not too shabby

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