How To Play Blackjack Online – Winning Tips & Strategy To Win Money

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Here is a detailed description and video on how to play and win on blackjack.

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1) What is online blackjack?
2) Cards in online and live blackjack.
3) Betting in blackjack.
4) Shuffling cards in blackjack.
5) How to calculate blackjack payouts.
6) Blackjack tips and strategies
7) Understanding insurance in blackjack
8) Different bets in blackjack games online.
9) Where to play the best blackjack.

Steps to playing blackjack
1.Choosing top casinos in India – Which are the best gambling sites in India?
2.Accepting and claiming casino bonuses – Picking casino bonuses to use on blackjack.
3.Picking a blackjack variant – Choosing a blackjack game to play according to your needs, bankroll and table.
4.Sizing your bets – The minimum and maximum bet allowed and how they affect your game.

Blackjack bet options

Hit – Decide to pick another card
Stand – Stop at the current hand and not pick any more cards

In the video, you will learn what to watch out for when making a bet decision in blackjack. All players must make a decision and one wrong move could cost you a bet.

When to hit a blackjack depends on many things. However, if you believe that adding a card will bring you closer to 21 without bursting.

Split – If you have 2 cards of similar denomination, it becomes a split button. This means you can split the cards into two hands and play the hands one at a time.

Special tips#
It is better to split Aces and 8s
Never split 4s, 5s or 10s

Doubling down –Right after the dealer gives you your two cards, you have the option of doubling down. If you think that your hand will beat the dealers, double your stake and get a new card immediately.

Special tips#
It is better to double on 11s when the dealer doesn’t have an 11 Ace Up.
If the dealer has a 10 OR 9, don’t double your 10 or 9, respectively.

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How To Play Blackjack Online – Winning Tips & Strategy To Win Money