How to Win a Million Dollars Gambling in a Casino

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Steve Bourie, interviews gambling author Jean Scott about how she and her husband, Brad, were able to win more than one million dollars gambling in casinos. Jean explains how they started off as 25-cent players and worked their way up to higher stakes. She talks about some of their bigger wins, as well as some of their worst losses. Jean also gives tips for other players on how they can learn to be successful casino gamblers.

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How to Win a Million Dollars Gambling in a Casino

10 thoughts on “How to Win a Million Dollars Gambling in a Casino

  1. You'll never do that at Southland, they'll never tell how much they give back or don't give back. That place is the biggest RIP OFF there is.
    They have blackjack tablets with holographic dealer. The biggest RIP OFF in gambling!
    It's actually like making a personal donation to them.

  2. No doubt about that. I see these old hags every time at the casino pouring hundreds into slot machines. Poor delusional people.

  3. Maybe the title of the video should be: How to Win a Million Dollars Worth of Dinners, Cruises, and Hotel Rooms Gambling in a Casino

  4. I like her honesty! She talks about the big wins AND big losses. Great interview. I will be in Vegas in July and would love to play VP with her and her husband.

  5. This video makes it seem like all you need is a bigger bankroll to win. That’s such BS. I feel sorry for the fools who think they can beat the casino.

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