How to Win Every Time on Scarab Slot Machines!

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Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide Book, explores a variety of “advantage play” slot machines where players can sometimes get a guaranteed win when the machine is in an advantageous condition.

In this video he talks about Scarab slots from IGT. Matt explains how the game works and how to know when the machine is in an advantageous state and how you can get a guaranteed win!

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How to Win Every Time on Scarab Slot Machines!

9 thoughts on “How to Win Every Time on Scarab Slot Machines!

  1. hex breaker is also a similar one that this strategy works on. There are only 2 at my local casino. I started playing when there was 2 stacks of lines close to reaching the bonus game and spun it for a bit and ended up winning $90 profit.

  2. Yup this is one of the best games for this. Easily found on the strip and downtown vegas. Harrahs is a gold mine they even have this in their high limit section and I find it in a positive state often there

  3. You can do that as much as you like. It will likely take your money by only giving a few wilds on ten spins and usually nothing big anyway. It's just there to lure you in. Sincerely, casino employee

  4. yeah this does work and have been lucky enough to find a couple machines across the years in this advantageous state, on the Las Vegas strip no less but as you can imagine, there are roaming gangs of people who are looking out for situations like this. And just like Matt said, it is more likely to find in a smaller casino. Great job!

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