[Identity V] only in blackjack

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never trust priestess portals

song: Pokemon HeartGold – Viridian Forest (https://youtu.be/DiCGgN4gJ8s)

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[Identity V] only in blackjack

10 thoughts on “[Identity V] only in blackjack

  1. Blackjack was very fun tho, and i remember that one time me and 4 other random people meet 3 time in the blackjack match

  2. I use lawyer when I rarely play blackjack, because he can see everyone and any ciphers that need decoding, and while he isn't the best at kiting, he has an advantage with his map

  3. One time in BJ, my phone crashed. When i was back i was bj, and everyone protected me. I kited, and won. Never forgot this adorable team. They waited i was back to continue the game TwT

  4. In black jack they let me win heheh sometimes i become toxic and i remember once i told le roy player i love him and i protect him and he leave me win <3

  5. There was this one forward in blackjack that I healed after he was knocked down, emoted at him and we made an implied alliance to just protect eachother. I felt so bad when I was over 21 points and he was the hunter and couldn't do anything about it 🙁

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