Ignition is cheating! Online classic blackjack rigged! Ep. 01

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Statistics for this episode:
Total Hands Played: 73
Dealer Wins: 39 = 0.5342
Player Wins: 26 = 0.3562
Push: 8 = 0.1096

Dealer Natural Blackjacks: 9
Player Natural Blackjacks: 3

Hands with a Dealer Natural Blackjack, OR dealer hits to 21 = 16

IGNITION, BOVADA, CAFE CASINO, SLOTS.LV. They all cheat! No way is this a fair game of blackjack.

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Ignition is cheating! Online classic blackjack rigged! Ep. 01

10 thoughts on “Ignition is cheating! Online classic blackjack rigged! Ep. 01

  1. As soon as he upped his bet he started loosing them drops down to 1$ and gets a blackjack😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Only play live bj on these sites. I called up betonline and banned myself from video bj and all video casino games. I can only play live dealer and sports book and poker. These fans are a scam don't fall for them.

  3. Next time I play, I am going to log every card of every hand. It’s a joke how many times the dealer is dealt 20 and I am dealt 12-16 then take one card that comes face and I end up busting. It’s unreal how many times the dealer is dealt 12-16, takes a card but does not bust. It is ridiculous how often the dealer draws to a 21 against my 20. I play by following the appropriate play chart on wizardofodds.com. I usually play single deck, so I use the single deck, hits on soft 17 chart. Even if my gut says to do something different, I play according to the chart. I might just do this experiment over the weekend and determine true percentages of ridiculous hands the dealer gets. granted it will be a sample size of 1. Maybe I’ll do a few 1 hour sessions instead. In any event, it will be interesting.

  4. I wish these games would get exposed . Its supposed to be completely random but its not whatsoever playing 100 hands at min bet u win 40 dealer wins 60 . Up bet to 10x minimum doubling losses dealer wins 85 out of 100 hands . The r n g should be unaffected by bet size but it most definitely is

  5. It’s called “the house edge” 😂😂😂
    I understand what you are talking about though. I played a paper game on their website and noticed this. I remember I had an app that also played like this some time ago. I noticed the dealer would get “lucky” and you would lose whenever you upped your bet, then win all the small bets, but the minute you up your bet, you’d lose.

  6. Not sure if its totally rigged ive seen these run outs in live blackjack at the casinos. U gotta work on ur bet sizing. Bet small after a couple of losses then bet big. Then bet small again.

    Edit: i change my mind it is 100% rigged. I was doing good until their black jack app errored so i reloaded it then it went on the worse streak imaginable the dealer got blackjack 13 times in a span of 15 minutes. 100% rigged.

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