Is 6:5 Blackjack Ruining Las Vegas?

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Blackjack’s Rise And Fall Shows What Drives Customers Away

Blackjack has long been a popular game for gamblers in Las Vegas. Playing 3:2 blackjack was a game that many enjoyed because it had better odds for the player than most other games inside of the casino. However, over time casinos began to gradually changes rules to the game to give the house more of an advantage. One of the biggest changes was switching from 3:2 blackjack to 6:5 blackjack. This reduced the amount of money a player could win from before. Blackjack is still a relatively popular game where some people try to “count cards” in order to improve their odds at winning. Tell me what you think about the changes in blackjack tables in Las Vegas!

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Is 6:5 Blackjack Ruining Las Vegas?

10 thoughts on “Is 6:5 Blackjack Ruining Las Vegas?

  1. My wife and I get room comps pretty easy @ caesers properties. I drop the inlaws off on the strip casinos (home base) with my players card (slots) and we go hunt down the good blackjack off strip. If I'm up like 3 or 4 I'll come back to home base (usually flamingo/harrahs) and play the $25 3:2 BJ harrahs/flamingo offer. There is no more $10 3:2 BJ @Caesers properties. 15 is the lowest I've seen it mid week mornings. Same tables that always pay 3:2 just lower bet amount.

    From what I observed most people sitting at the 6:5 tables are young men and woman who buy in for 100$ and just want to have fun. They don't fully follow proper basic strategy and are happy to win a few hands, get some drinks, and be entertained. This goes hand in hand with the Linq casino where almost all of there BJ tables are 6:5. Seems like the younger crowd doesn't mind, they are just there to party and blow money anyways.

    I mind and I'm 100% against it. If you want the best blackjack games on the strip…. the entry fee for every hand will be more. And people will pay that.

  2. I quit playing blackjack shortly after 'hit soft 17s' became the norm in Tunica, MS. I gave it one try against my better judgement and within 10 minutes lost three hands due to the hitting of soft 17. I left the table to never play again, until recently. I visited Las Vegas in February to meet a friend attending a convention, so I brushed up on basic strategy and was planning playing some blackjack for the hell of it. I walked up to the table and saw the small placard on the side saying blackjack pays 6:5 and it was an instant "Oh, hell no". For me, I didn't fault the casinos for doing such shenanigans, but I couldn't believe so many people were still playing. I guess for most people it's about being in the action.

  3. We just got back from Vegas and walked through almost all the strip casinos. None of them had a 3:2 game less than a $25 min limit. Plenty of guys still playing the 6:5 $10 min tables though. But beyond finding a good 3:2 game I found the rest of the rules pretty obscure. Most tables didn't advertise whether doubling on splits was allowed, or dealer standing on soft 17 was in effect. Had to ask. Of course most of them were a "no" answer in the houses favor. I was there to play a pricier game, so I found the best $25 min game I could and ended up clearing $500 after a few hours. But I won't be back. Another thing that really blew my mind were 0, 00, and now 000 roulette tables. I couldn't even believe that. What's next!? Screw Vegas. It's a sh*thole.

  4. Do NOT play 6-5 Blackjack. It was bad enough when they first introduced it on single deck. But when they added it to multi-decks, it just showed greed. Please do NOT play 6-5 BJ…..tourist, novice gambler, or anyone!!!!

  5. I love blackjack, going to 6 to 5 is abhorrent to me. It’s they only I play, or used to play. I’ll go downtown for my hotel and blackjack now

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