10 thoughts on “IS DANA WHITE KING OF THE DEGENS?!?! 💰💰💰 #joerogan #gambling #casino #blackjack

  1. Joe got at least 200M in the bank tryina pretend he doesnt spend that much on scientists creating a new drug mixture of stemcells and testosterone

  2. Why are they taken aback with $600,000. These motherf. Make millions every day. So wtf

  3. the thing that got me to stop gambling was that i literally said “this is the happyest thing humanly possible” because you are playing a losing game. over, haven’t gambled in years

  4. I just wish they would gamble that money by giving me some to pay back in 4-5years tops with some interest too of course.

  5. What kind of Gamble was it encouraging Brendan Shawb to get into the comedy game?
    If I were to put a win/lose amount on Joe's bet.
    Joe's is down at least 200 stacks,before he just stopped betting on him. That's a conservative estimate.

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