LEGENDARY $5,200 Double & Split That Blew My Mind!

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What can I say! This session was interesting and a rollercoaster… Could have gone completely different in some stages!!

Bought in for $3.7K but things got spicy halfway through on some larger hands!!

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LEGENDARY $5,200 Double & Split That Blew My Mind!

10 thoughts on “LEGENDARY $5,200 Double & Split That Blew My Mind!

  1. I’m just really curious all due respect but why would you hit on 12 if the dealer is showing 2?

  2. Never ever give money to dealer it make you bad luck, also that mean you don't want to win that's why you give them free money. I never ever give even $1.00 because when you loose they happy

  3. Goodness, some of these comments were just tough to not respond to.

    Walking away after X losses in a row. Just arbitrary statement. He's obviously well off enough to handle them and see if things turn around. Plus this is a YouTube video; pretty sure he walked in knowing he's going to play the whole shoe regardless of how he did (even though count was just negative, negative, negative).

    Changing from one hand to two hands just to switch it up when deck is cold is pointless. Lady Luck is what she is. Playing two hands to increase likelihood that dealer has to play vs not play is why you should do it (more likely that you'd stay on at least one of the hands allowing for dealer to bust). If planning on playing the whole shoe regardless, then yah, would be smart to do so more often.

    Majority of time, dealers aren't wanting you to lose. They would love for you to win, stay in a positive environment, and have you stick around for tips when you're on a high from doing well.

    But if y'all were just trolling, man did you succeed. If there's some other points of view that I'm not understanding, I'll admit my defeat and props to you 👍

  4. Scam. Look at dealers hand. Switching between dealing top and bottom of deck

  5. 5:34 if you would have double that A7 vs the 2 it would have been 21 correct? A bit sweaty but the book does say to double there still great video I love watching y'all such great vibes ☺️❤️

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