[NEW] Blackjack Betting System + Scaling + Jump Off + Perfect Play ($200 Session Roll) Action @5:10

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Discover an All-New Blackjack Betting System that uses scaling your bets when losing, the Jump Off when you’re winning, and of course Perfect Basic Strategy (to a degree of risk), to win $100 per Session using a $200 Session Roll.

Also, I do A LOT of chatter in this video, deal with it. Action @5:10

Lastly, at 13:12 I make a mistake and I literally went into the zone and didn’t see that I was already up over $100 in profit, and then I go back down and battle again but trusting in the system and my ‘talents’, I end the video making exactly what I have at 13:12. Weird!

In this video, I show you one of the best Blackjack betting systems, for professional players, who aim to make $100 per hour.

I also recap early in the video, my last live session on the 12th.

# GOAL: Make $100 Per Session, on a $200 Session Roll and call it quits for the hour. This made me $500 on October 12th in 4 hours.

##STOP-LOSS: The Full $200 is at risk to make 50%. Worth it?

(Please REFER to previous videos on the channel for how to play the Jump Off system)

As for Scaling, it’s simple: Whenever you lose, add one $5 unit (after the first loss), then 2 units (after the 2nd loss in a row etc.)

IF you have further questions, let me know in the comments.

Thank you for all the love and support yall. Make it a great week!

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[NEW] Blackjack Betting System + Scaling + Jump Off + Perfect Play ($200 Session Roll) Action @5:10

10 thoughts on “[NEW] Blackjack Betting System + Scaling + Jump Off + Perfect Play ($200 Session Roll) Action @5:10

  1. While I miss Baccarat and wish it was more reliable, the only true equity that I truly have in the casino is Blackjack. I know the game in and out and my system is such that anyone could do it, and make easily $50-$100 per hour. The best advice I can give you is going to another casino and playing Blackjack after you win at one place. I've noticed that The House usually gets their money back if you win and then cash out and then buy back in at the same place. Luckily for me, there are 16 casinos perched on a mountain all within walking distance of eachother in Colorado, and I can easily implement this strategy by tag teaming casinos in a square perimiter on foot.

  2. Awesome video! Thank you very much! I like your personality! You now have a new subscriber;)

  3. Hi, I counted 5 losses between 13:15 and 14:10 when you won the $100 bet. You said that you have never lost 5 in a row with the system.

  4. The reason why pathetic martingale system dose not work is you are covering the original lost bet of 5 dollars with hundreds

    If you have 49%chance which you don’t because you don’t know basic strategy
    You will lose long term more than you win you might This is like some one saying you will never get 5 heads flipping a coin in a row and the 3.25percent of the time you will lose all your money yes has better odds but way more risk

  5. I'm enjoying your videos, this system uses an arithmetic progression on losses and a geometric progression on gaines which seems logical in trying to limit losses and maximize gains. I've tried it on a simulation 10 times now and had only one total fail. I use a bank of 300 to get to 100 profit. Looking forward to giving it a shot in the casino. I really enjoy your enthusiasm and your videos are informative thanks!

  6. Hey bro FYI the house edge is not controlled by the skill level of rookie ass players at your table lol that’s a myth. A rookie player can make a bad play causing you to get a bad hand but that same player can make a rookie play and cause you to get a great card leading into a win. Vice versa playing with all noobs or pros won’t change the edge only your use of card counting will and can bring down the house.

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