10 thoughts on “Proboat Blackjack 42 Review, Final Thoughts and Tips

  1. 78mph can be easily taken down . But i dont have a Blackjack 42 so cant post any videos. Here the link to faster props. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174781377949

  2. I just found your channel, great work and love your back yard pond. 1 question, do you prefer cats or deep v's ? For just tooling around. I am no racer and just built a nice air boat but am looking to get something to just bash around a local pond. Thanks and keep up the great vids.

  3. Thank you for the infos, i wasn’t sure, now i am. I get the mods , yet i love to do it, but for the price to many issues and need out the box.. glad i find your review. Thank you

  4. Good informative review, what you said about the strut height is correct also, run it as high as possible on these

  5. Nice review mate, just did the same upgrade on my BJ42 with the larger tubing and outlets.

  6. No issues with mine and love this boat❤️Looks impressive just sitting and the sound of the 8s torque on the prop makes it a blast👍Would buy again without hesitation🏁

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