[Random Nights At The Chalet #4] Real Money AIM Baccarat [vs] T.I.M.S. Baccarat – Who Wins?

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Welcome back to another Random Nights At The Chalet #4 – in this video I am risking my money to test 2 amazing Baccarat strategies against each other. AIM Baccarat VS T.I.M.S. Baccarat.

First I go with our beloved AIM Baccarat system and we literally win all 5 rounds of betting/money management, and then we play T.I.M.S or The Instant Momentum Strategy, and we lose the first 3 rounds of play, and only won the last 2 rounds.

At the end of the day, I’m looking for the best way to hit the casino, sit at a table and grind for 15-20 minutes, read patterns and make my money for the hour/session/day.

I really don’t care if one system wins every betting try I play and if another loses several times in a row, at the end of the day, what really matters is the MONEY.

What you start with VS what you leave with.

Nobody cares that you won 100% of your bets at a Baccarat table, they only care about the money and you should too.

So when you watch this video, you be the judge.

Tell me what system would be the BEST one to play for someone whose #1 goal is to hit their win-stop and leave and play no more than 20-minutes per session.

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[Random Nights At The Chalet #4] Real Money AIM Baccarat [vs] T.I.M.S. Baccarat – Who Wins?

10 thoughts on “[Random Nights At The Chalet #4] Real Money AIM Baccarat [vs] T.I.M.S. Baccarat – Who Wins?

  1. TIMS is much faster, but not so good for those with high blood pressure, lol.

  2. AIM is the best, if you get caught with a poor shoe with T.I.M.S it’s very hard to pull back. Good video Brunson

  3. See, the forward facing triangle > often forms a hut, but the backward facing bpbb triangle < is pure gold.

  4. Smaller bankroll with AIMS (1000-1500 buy in and 10-15% win stop. Loss stop always 2x of win stop). TIMS for bigger buy in (3000 and above. Wins stop of 25-30%. Get in, get up, get out.) IF get in, get up, get out is really the goal…let’s use “highway to hell” rather than “stairway to heaven”. Bet the large amount first. Hit it, get gone. See a hut, book it and go. Should the big bet lose…the next two wins would have you with small upside. Then, play big again, waiting for the hut…or a nice triangle.

  5. I like the aim. Feel safe with aim! But tims would be great with big bank. They are all good though. Switch periodically to take the casino down

  6. Between this video and the last and what you wrote. I'm very confused with T.I.M.S on the betting strategy and when you stop playing crossover. I'll see a last 3 come up, but you continue to play cross over.
    I must be missing something. Can you give a more detailed explanation of what your doing. Thanks

  7. IMO AIM is the way to go for long-term growth potential as you can see TIMS can bring you back quick but it can put you down quicker if it doesn't turn around. Like you said at the end of the day its what you put in your pocket that ultimately matters. Thanks for sharing brother!

  8. I think AIM is good when the shoe is more choppy and TIM when its more streaky ?

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