Stakelogic Super Stake Blackjack Review and Strategy – Is this game any good?

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Super Stake Blackjack comes with multipliers up to a maximum of 60x.

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My video review explains how to play, what I think of the game, and whether you can win in the long term.

With an RTP of 98.01%, the odds are you’ll lose in the long term. However, I manage to win a few hands with multipliers to turn a profit.

All expressed opinions are mine.

If you plan to gamble online, you must be at least 18+ or 21+ in some countries.

#ad 18+. Please gamble responsibly. for help and assistance.

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Stakelogic Super Stake Blackjack Review and Strategy – Is this game any good?

3 thoughts on “Stakelogic Super Stake Blackjack Review and Strategy – Is this game any good?

  1. A 50% commission is crazy, doesn't even matter the potential of the multipliers, really a bad bet to simply play this game, these multiplier only apply to the first two cards, it's a joke. There are other games where even-paying bets get multipliers applied like lighting dice and the house edge is built-in, not an outright commission, example: placing a 10 bucks bet on low in lighting dice and covering 10 with a 2 bucks bet, if 10 is rolled u break even, it's like paying a 20% commission for the potential of a multiplier on the even bet. The house edge on the even bets comes when a 10 or 11 roll because you lose your even bet although 10 is a low number and 11 a high, but that can hedged. I like stakelogic but boosted blackjack in a general note are bad games no matter which provider is offering it, the only difference here is you are forced basic strategy, which I'm not gonna lie it's a bit better than having a random person ruining a winning hand by hitting when they are not supposed to hit, which happens in those one-player boosted blackjack games by playtech and evolution

    Great review btw!

  2. i dont trust live games like this much eny more as thay seem to be fixed to me ! and iv seen that on diffrent sites there are a time delay on each i think with live games now adays thay use the old con called the wire there is a relay on the live video so there is a time delay to thay can alter the out come and there are computers involved witch can be fixed easy

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