The Absolute RAREST Hand In BlackJack !!!

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The Absolute RAREST Hand In BlackJack !!!

10 thoughts on “The Absolute RAREST Hand In BlackJack !!!

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  2. I hate perfect trips. Was playing like 5 40 5 hands, lost everything, down to my last 10. Did 1 8 1. loveing got perfect trips (100x) on the minimum 1 dollar bet. love the 6 of diamonds.

  3. Low bet size is favored, a .03 hit is $3 with a 100x. Theyre not looking to pay out 3,000,000 on a 100x hit. Ive seen more 100s and 50xs on tiny bets than ever on a higher bet size. I play on StakeUS though and the GC system is so rigged to make you wanna play more

  4. Hey man just wanna say I love your videos! Watch a lot of them. Just wanna ask, if you could play live blackjack in a casino with adin, rosh or Cody. Who would it be? Love from England man!

  5. Wow he sure played bad, but turned out OK in the end. Never saw someone so happy to lose 75K.

  6. By the way, the Train nonsense was a total waste of time. Not sure why you keep calling it epic?

  7. Brother you are lit, you have been doing it for way too long and keep grinding your job aswell. You’re the realest.

  8. Isn’t a 7 percent three of a kind and perfect pair the rarest hand? Doesn’t that pay over 1000:1

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