The Best Casinos For Gambling in Las Vegas! – 2022 Update

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Matt and Steve Bourie from the American Casino Guide book, interview John and Kristina Mehaffey from to discuss the best casinos in Las Vegas for players of specific games. They talk about which casinos offer the best odds, betting limits, or playing conditions for the following games:. blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, three card poker, ultimate Texas hold’em and pai gow poker. They also discuss the best options for sportsbook bettors and poker players. PLus, they talk about which casinos offer the best returns for their slot machines and video poker games .

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The Best Casinos For Gambling in Las Vegas! – 2022 Update

10 thoughts on “The Best Casinos For Gambling in Las Vegas! – 2022 Update

  1. These guys disseminated a lot of useful information. I particular liked what the couple mentioned about craps and poker rooms in Las Vegas. I’m disheartened to here that 100x odds has been taken from the Cromwell. It still exists at the Horseshoe in Baltimore so I thought that certainly a Vegas casino would maintain it. I’ll definitely check them out when I go back to Las Vegas because I’d like to know the places that have Pot Limit Omaha.

  2. Is this a new 2022 video or an "encore presentation" like the other recent vids on this channel?

  3. I was there for 6 days 3 weeks ago and did well on Fremont. The dice games at Four Queens and Binions were $10 at the times I was there. I didn’t feel like the slots played loose like I read all over the internet. I did better on slots at the Bellagio. There was a $1 blackjack at one of the Fremont St Casinos I believe it was the Four Queens during off peak hours. Also had a $1 Crazy poker game. Also had $1 roulette game with a minimum of $5 on the outside. I didn’t play any table games on the strip because the table mins were mostly $25.

  4. After living in Vegas for 5 years I found that the slots in some strip hotels were just as good or better than Fremont street or local casinos! And alot more eye candy too!

  5. I think the bigger and more lavish the casino the less the returns
    I could be wrong but they need more money for these lavish places and they ain't paying for it
    You are

  6. Sticking with Vegas Casinos no more California tribal casinos. There corrupt to the max especially Barona Casino.

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