This Might be the Best Blackjack Tip Ever

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Learn from DarkStar’s recent encounter in a casino. DarkStar is a professional AP Blackjack player.

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This Might be the Best Blackjack Tip Ever

10 thoughts on “This Might be the Best Blackjack Tip Ever

  1. Not much here at all but to watch what you are paid and careful what you are betting. But yes, Las Vegas is merely a city full of casinos with a license to steal. The only betting that isn't, is sports betting and if one stays away from parlays. You can win parlays but they do not pay what the odds really are. That's ALL their advantage they get on sports betting. These youtubers need to decide just what they are going to say before they do these.

  2. Couldn't have responded any better. Somehow, I wonder whether I'd have the patience ! Gotta think 'long term' . . . hidden strategies to keep you hidden, amongst the crowd, of players !

  3. You know…you know…Why the heck r u makin the video if we already know…Smh…Stop waffling dude!!

  4. I like k e video. They blew professionalism. But u are smart enough to keep that location.

  5. You should have just paid them 100 your original bet was 75 bro they only gave you 50 per win

  6. F***king great tip! Cover the big chip. And if they were fair…. it not what was intended to be bet… it's what was actually bet. The decision would have been different by the casino if the tables were turned.

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