Video Poker on Our 21-Day Cruise – $12.50 a Spin!

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Steve Bourie and his wife Michelle, from the American Casino Guide Book, play some 10-play bonus poker deluxe video poker during their 21-day cruise.

This is a 25-cent machine but they are playing 10 hands for a total bet of $12.50 per spin.

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Video Poker on Our 21-Day Cruise – $12.50 a Spin!

10 thoughts on “Video Poker on Our 21-Day Cruise – $12.50 a Spin!

  1. are the machines rng dictated? Who overseas ( regulates) the casino on a cruise? as they say… take a bruising gambling while cruising.

  2. Awesome video and I loved watching it. thanks for the upload ! ,.,.,.

  3. i think gambling on cruises is unwise. seems like they wouldn't very regulated. also poker related question. in games where 2 pair pays even money would it be better to throw away non paying pairs and instead draw to high cards? (since high pair also pays even money and more cards help the high cards)

  4. Hi! I had a quick question, what is better to play: 8/5 jacks or better at $1 playing max credits (4000 on royal) or 9/5 jacks or better at $5 playing one credit (250 on royal)? Thank you!

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