7 thoughts on “When Playing Blackjack And Double Down Goes Wrong #shorts #short #fail

  1. Bro she's giving you hand symbols. Brother some dealers give u the answerssssss. She's telling everyone to hit with the hand movements. Some dealers are cool and tell u. Some are deuschs and think and act as if it's their money they also have their friends playing. They know what the next cards are they also make conversation about nothing with "this is crazy: and "my stomach hurts" and crossing arms means 21 for the video

  2. Can’t play basic strat in a shared hand otherwise they gonna clean you. Looks like she would’ve bust but other people took the shoes high cards and left her with the perfect low cards

  3. I wander who taught this lady to deal 🤣🤣 the way shes picking up and flipping the cards is all wrong and very unsatisfying

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