10 thoughts on “Who is going to teach them how to play blackjack 😡🔥💰💵 #blackjack #casino #shorts

  1. There is no right and wrong way to play blackjack people have their own ways of playing people reckon the so called book says don’t split 10s if the dealer has anything between a 3 and 6 I’m splitting all day everyday I split on any number against a dealers 3-6 and when I see people play that don’t that’s weird to me I’m always hitting a 12 against dealers 2 or 3 aswell and sometimes even a 4 there’s been a few 10s already dealt

  2. You would have still lost with the dealer having 17 instead of everyone played perfect basic strategy. Moral of the story is , don’t worry what other people do. You’re playing against the dealer , not other players.

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