LOW BUY IN GRINDER – “Easy Money 24+8” Roulette Systems Review

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SYSTEMS ARCHIVE HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wxpgH_OXZlAJWvWZcWnYZ1_Yel18-c_KPVVcuOAUa44/edit?usp=sharing

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LOW BUY IN GRINDER – “Easy Money 24+8” Roulette Systems Review

10 thoughts on “LOW BUY IN GRINDER – “Easy Money 24+8” Roulette Systems Review

  1. saw a drunk guy win $1600 on a $200 buy in playing the same random numbers over and over. Spoke with him afterwards, and he drunkenly explained they were not random. He broke the wheel down into thirds and played 12 consecutive numbers as they appeared on the wheel (excluding the zeros). Would love to see you all try this system. He bet nickels the whole time.

  2. 4 numbers will show up on average a little more often than every tenth spin. You lose 60 when one of them does, you win on 8 numbers, which will show up on average every 5th spin, so twice as often, but you only win 12. So for every 24 you´ll win, you´ll lose 60. No need to even check the outcome of this system in a simulation, it´s simply impossible to win with it.

  3. You can cut down on set-up time by placing 2 corner bets @ 4x in the middle rather than the 8 individual bets.

  4. I love your videos so much! I’m going to Vegas this week maybe I can say hi to you all! 🙂

  5. Any reason why you leave 15 16 19 20 open? Why those 4? Also…you you use ANY (2) 12s? and any 8?

  6. hey what are your favorite strategies? what do you prefer to play yourself?

  7. I do believe that how the system is written is it a straight up plum leaning hard on that eggplant.
    The variation to make this a peach in my book is to buy in for $300 instead do the $2 straight up on 8 numbers in one of the dozens in the same pattern with $2 on 0,00 and $25 each on the other dozens. At least instead of pushing so damn much, your winning $5 on the dozen if it hits and $2 on the straight up and I would pull a @alexk with moving it around so not always betting on the same middle dozen.
    @mar CTB is your best friend just ask @alexk

  8. Vegas Casinos won't have that buy in except in Downtown. It's perfect in Canada where in the day it's $10 minimum and $20 at the sophisticated casinos.

  9. Timmy: Any system is a good system as long as you don't lose !! 🤣😂😁😂🤣

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