10 thoughts on “Why Casinos are Evil Pt. 1 #blackjack #cardcounting

  1. This is like saying man is ultimately good, and that original sin is because of the devil. Not because they themselves chose to disobey.

  2. Hello Colin! You're absolutely correct! Evil Casinos! I've seen that a lot of these individuals that are in distress, are trying to chase losses and end up getting themselves deeper into debt! Then it's almost too late to dig yourself out of that hole! Robert /:-)

  3. If they cripple local community it is ok in my book. Casinos bring employment as well as lots of tax revenue.

    It’s like any corp entity, there may always be downsides like outsourcing, environmental waste, etc. It is all part of the big picture and just the corporate society we live in today.

    We all have choices to make. A person can be a smoker or heavy drinker and give it up if they want, they all have a choice.

    Gambling is just a choice.

    I don’t agree with you on this Colin. I took your course and count cards today.

    I have also worked in the corporate rat race for 20 years now and seen some crazy stuff. It just is what it is, we all have a choice.

  4. A bartender will cut you off if they think you had too much to drink.
    In all my years of gambling not once have I ever seen a pit boss cut anyone off for losing too much , in fact , they will reserve your seat just so you can get more money .

  5. I’ll have you know my local casino is my friend. Without my friend, the casino, I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy the pleasure of discounted rooms at a participating casino two states away. Then that casino giving me discounted rooms at a casino of limited choosing in Las Vegas. Without my local casino, I would have never gotten to see the lights of Las Vegas for what I’d call a fair price. Now if you will excuse me, it’s my turn at the cashier window.

  6. That’s a bold statement. Are bars evil because they cater to drunks? Are fried chicken places evil because they cause heart disease and obesity? Evil is a strong word.

  7. I am in the south suburbs of Chicago. No need to even go to the casino anymore. Pop up video gaming is all over the place…

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