1 Year Playing Craps In Las Vegas

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KING DICE is a passionate controlled shooter who, once introduced to the wonderful world of Controlled Shooting & Dice Influence, decided to share as much knowledge and information on the subjects as possible. Starting out, KD found that it was not easy to find information on the game of craps in general, but specifically the exciting prospect of Dice Control and Controlled Shooting. King Dice then took it upon himself to introduce his own techniques as well as share his journey into the world of Dice Influence which is what has brought us this channel today.

KINGDICE TECHNOLOGY is the affectionate term we use for techniques and ideas we discuss on the channel and you can often hear us or our viewers use this term when speaking about Dice Control, Dice Setting, Betting or Dice Influence.
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Thank you for checking out our video or visiting our channel! Our main purposes for this channel are to teach how to play the game of craps and introduce you to the key concepts of Dice Control, Setting & Influence.

The videos provided are intended for training and entertainment purposes only.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has a gambling addiction, please feel free to contact the Gamblers Anonymous helpline at 800-522-4700.

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1 Year Playing Craps In Las Vegas

5 thoughts on “1 Year Playing Craps In Las Vegas

  1. Great advice KD! Gambler vs Athlete mindset… all about the $$ vs all about being the best one can be. One depends on luck, the other gives luck an assist. All the best in 2023

  2. Real talk KD. I know for a fact that the casinos in LV cannot be beat but Iʻll still go there to give it my best shot at trying to win back at least some of the money Iʻve lost since my 1st trip back in 1991. Do I have a gambling problem? love Yeah. My problem is I havent broken even yet & Iʻll probably die trying. I believe some call that Chasing loses. I call it gambling. Iʻve had some tuff lessons on gambling myself & for you to say what you said says a lot in my books. Most of the other YouTube crap channel people will never admitt to anything like you just did. They have this belief that if you lose in gambling then youre a loser in life so theyʻll never admit being a losing gambler. Keep um real cuzzin & much respect to you.

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